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ELDERBERRY IMMUNE + - earthen yourself
ELDERBERRY IMMUNE + - earthen yourself
ELDERBERRY IMMUNE + - earthen yourself
ELDERBERRY IMMUNE + - earthen yourself
ELDERBERRY IMMUNE + - earthen yourself


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Herbal elixir ⋒  5oz./147ml.



Elderberry is a potent booster for the adaptive immune system and miraculous herb with powerful antiviral and immunomodulating properties which boost the innate immune system. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, and it tastes delicious, which makes it a favorite for kids.

Elderberry Immune + is great to take at the onset of cold/flu symptoms, such as sore throat, sniffles, and coughs, cold sores, and other infections or exposure to contagious illness. This elixir will tonify and stimulate the immune system. Supports vital energy and reinforces the body’s natural defenses including healthy lung function.

Ingredients: elderberries (sambucus caerulea), juniper berries (junipers communis) cinnamon (ceylon cinnamon), ginger (zingiber officinale), licorice (glyrrhiza glabra), rosehips, alcohol, purified water, raw Malibu honey.


~ elderberries: antiviral, antibacterial, immunomodulator, diaphoretic, laxative, diuretic, anti-rheumatic, emunctory stimulant, anti-neuralgic, alterative, carminative, emetic, high in vitamin C & B. Shortens the duration of cold and flu. Improves the response of the immune system. It helps strengthen cell calls to defend against disease.

~ juniper berries: stimulating diuretic, antiseptic, carminative, anti-inflammatory, bitter, digestive tonic, emmenagogue, anti-rheumatic.

~ cinnamon: has a warming, stimulating energy that enhances circulation throughout the body. As a carminative, cinnamon aids in the digestion of fats and settles indigestion. It is helpful for stabilizing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. In addition to their antioxidant action, its volatile oils lend antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties which may be helpful in the case of infection. Cinnamon is a demulcent, producing a slippery mucilage, but it can also have an astringent, drying effect and is used as an expectorant for congested conditions. Cinnamon has an anti-inflammatory action on the body’s tissues and is said to boost cognitive function and memory. It is also an aromatic stimulant, astringent and styptic. It smooths muscles and has relaxing effects. 

~ ginger: choleretic, cholagogue, positive inotropic and chronotropic, gastrointestinal stimulant, thermogenic, antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, anti-thrombotic, anti-cholesterol, anti-emetic, rubefacient, vasodilator, peripheral circulatory stimulant, antispasmodic, carminative, emmenagogue, hepatoprotective, antioxidant. Zingiber increases the flow of saliva and is a stimulating tonic for the digestive system. Reduces cramping, gas and nausea. Indicated for motion sickness.

~ licorice root: General tonic, anti-depressant, adrenal restorative, adrenal tonic, anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tussive, mucoprotector, expectorant, detoxifier, demulcent, hepatoprotector, anti-ulcer, mild laxative, aldosterone-like action, anti-spasmodic. Support for the digestive system and support of the adrenal glands. It will soothe gastrointestinal inflammation and irritations.

~ rosehip: antioxidant, astringent, cardio tonic, high in vitamin C.

Suggested use: Shake well. Take 1tbsp. daily for prevention. Or 1-2tbsp. every two hours at first sign of sickness to support immune system. Refrigerate. Use up within a year.

Contraindications: Never give raw honey to babies under one year old. Some sources contraindicate juniper for pregnancy.

handcrafted small batch ethically wild harvested  organic sustainably sourced

biodegradable label

ships in sustainable packaging